Your Feelings, Your Power

The power of feelings

Joy, excitement, fear, anxiety, peacefulness, anger, courage, and apathy, are just examples of the many feelings we experience. Is it fair to say that our lives are a constant flow of feelings—desirable and undesirable?

How much do we know about our feelings, other than reacting to them?

Where do feelings come from? And why are they so powerful?

Let’s look at a few ideas that can help answer these questions.

Feelings are energy.

Like everything else in creation, feelings carry a certain vibrational energy that we feel physically in the body.

This energy has different intensity, depending on the situation that triggers the feeling, and our habitual responses. Some feelings are mild, and some can cause severe physical reactions.

The next question is:

Where does the energy of feelings come from?

On the surface, when we feel something, we believe it’s a response to an outside event—be it something we like, or don’t like.

We can barely contain our excitement waiting to meet a loved one after a long time of being apart. Or we feel quite anxious waiting to know the result of a test, or whether we got the job.

If we remove ourselves from the situations, would we feel the same way? If the same events were happening to someone else, would we feel the same way?

Would we feel the same fear about a loved one getting sick as someone we don’t know thousands of miles away being sick? Would we feel the same excitement if we won the lottery compared to a random person winning it?

No we wouldn’t.

So it’s fair to conclude that feelings are not generated by an outside event. They are personalized responses to events, as they relate to us.

Feelings come from within

Feelings are personal—just like our responses.

When we act (or react) we exert energy that expresses the action. The more effort we put into an action or response, the more powerful it becomes.

The same can be said about our feelings.

Strong and intense feelings are a direct expression of the energy we put into the feelings.

This means the power of a feeling is your own power.

You are powerful beyond measure

The energy behind an extreme feeling, like panic, or heroic courage, comes from the same source—you.

Feeling afraid doesn’t take away from the power of your energy. It’s just one way your power is being expressed in this moment.

Let’s pause for a minute and let this idea sink in:

Feelings are always an expression of the energetic power within you.

Appreciating your feelings and your power, instead of rejecting or judging them and yourself

We tend to judge ourselves for feeling any negative emotion, whether it’s shame, fear, anxiety, apathy, or anger. We label ourselves with the feelings (I’m afraid, I’m scared, I’m angry), and then we identify with them (I’m a coward, I have a short fuse or I have no patience).

We either hide behind this damaging identity, and use it as an excuse (I don’t take chances because I’m a coward, I yell and scream because it’s my nature).

Or we go to war with the feelings. We resist and we try to push the feelings away. And the more we fight, the worse we feel, turing our life into an endless cycle of suffering.

Let’s instead look at the feelings as a manifestation of the magnificent power within. Let’s appreciate the power of the energy behind a feeling, and appreciate ourselves for the capacity to generate such power.

The energy behind any feeling is your energy. And like any form of energy, it cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.

You are the trinity of feelings

When you feel anything with understanding and appreciation, you’ll realize that:

You are the creator of the feeling. As mentioned above, all feelings are internally generated. You create the feeling either consciously, or unconsciously.

You are the experiencer of the feeling. When the energy of the feeling arises, you’re the one who experiences its physical manifestations. You are the one who experiences shortness of breath, a racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, acid in the stomach, or tingling sensations. You are the feeler of all feelings.

You are the witness of the feeling, and the experience. You are also the one who watches the feeling, and its physical expressions, as they arise and subside.

Anything to do with feelings is a direct result of your own power.

Your feelings, your energy, your power

When we fully appreciate our own power to create, and allow ourselves to experience feelings as they arise, we will stop resisting, or feeling victimized.

The feelings may appear quickly because of our subconscious and automated responses. And we may instinctively react by rejecting how we feel. But the moment we remind ourselves of the power we have to create such feelings, we can choose to shift our focus to feel, and allow the sensations to just be.

Once we allow the feelings to be, we will peacefully feel them, till the energy subsides. Then we can transform this energy and give it another form—more consciously.

Your feelings are merely a fraction of the totality that is you—limitless, magnificent, and incomprehensible. Nothing that you ever feel or experience can diminish your power.