Why You Don’t Need to Be Remarkable

Drinking water

I’ve been coming across more talk lately about doing amazing things and being remarkable. The message is, if you want to change lives and share something with the world, you need to offer something worth sharing—something interesting and remarkable.

Before we go any further, let’s clarify what remarkable is.

Remarkable –adjective

  1. notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary: a remarkable change.
  2. worthy of notice or attention.

Synonyms notable, noteworthy, striking, extraordinary, wonderful, unusual,singular, uncommon.

Antonyms common, ordinary.

From the definition above, remarkable is anything that is unusual, and/or worthy of attention—it’s the opposite of ordinary.

Therefore, anything to do with adventure, and doing things differently will fit into the remarkable classification.

  • Climbing a mountain is remarkable.
  • Traveling the world is remarkable.
  • Sky diving is remarkable.
  • Living with only 100 things is remarkable.
  • Making money online doing something you love is remarkable.
  • Transforming from a couch potato to a first class athlete is remarkable.

The other side of remarkable

The above examples of doing amazing things can have a positive impact on others and inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and do incredible things. And there is nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, hammering the same message that your life is boring and you’re a coward for not stepping up your game can have the opposite effect. Instead of feeling empowered, you feel doubtful of your ability to offer something of value to the world, which, unfortunately, can lead to feelings of unworthiness.

When you read messages urging you to do something amazing in order to be remarkable, stop and think: does the message inspire and motivate you? If it does, more power to you. Go do something out of your comfort zone, share and celebrate your journey.

But if the message makes you feel uneasy and you start dwelling in self-doubt, questioning your worth and abilities, think again, and keep reading.

A second look at the ordinary

The following activities are normally considered ordinary. There is nothing inspiring and worth sharing about them.  Let’s dig a bit deeper into each one.


Breathing, for the most part, is unconsciously controlled.

Without knowing, you change your body’s and the globe’s chemistry with every breath. You take in oxygen and release CO2—feeding your body and detoxifying it in an instant.

On average, a healthy person breathes about 20,000 times a day. How many of these remarkable breaths do you notice?


We spend a third of our lives doing it. But we hardly stop to think about how we sleep and wake up.

How we go from light non-REM sleep where the body slows down and rejuvenates, and move to REM (rapid eye movement) where the brain’s activity picks up to waking levels—yet our body is disabled and our awareness of the environment is diminished. When it’s time to wake up, you just do—wake up.

The whole process from start to finish is one of the most fascinating parts of life’s evolution.

Sleep is what keeps you sane and what brings out the genius in you. You can’t survive without it.


The water we have on this planet has been there for billions of years. It’s the birthplace of life as we know it. Every time you take a sip of water or you wash with it, think of the age of this water.

You’re drinking evolution. You’re bathing in finely aged cosmic fusion.

For billions of years, water has been recycled repeatedly and continues to support life in all of its forms. This is far from ordinary. These are just prime examples of how remarkable life is—and you are part of life.

There are so many unique qualities about you as an individual that stand out not only now, but for all of creation.

  • You are you. No one else will ever look, feel or think like you.
  • Your life’s journey with all its ups and downs is one of a kind cosmic expression that won’t be repeated again.
  • Your dreams, aspirations, fears and challenges are yours—and only yours.
  • Whatever kind of work you do, and no matter how dispensable you or your job can be, no one is going to do anything the way you do.
  • The world sees itself through your own unique vision and filters. No one will ever see the world like you do.
  • Every action you take or don’t take has a ripple effect that changes the course of life instantly.
  • The smallest of experiences you partake in is an epic expression of the intertwined nature of life. Think of every one involved if you ride the bus to work for example–you, the other passengers, the bus driver, the workers of the company that made the bus and the employees of the transit authority that bought and maintains the bus, then the engineers, contractors and workers who build and maintain the roads and so on.

You and I and everyone and everything are wonders of creation—whether by chance or intelligent design.  Why am I reminding you of this basic fact about you and life?

The remarkable trap

If you don’t realize how remarkable you are as you are right now, nothing you do or achieve will have a lasting effect.

You can climb mountains, feel the rush and share your experience with pride. But how are you going to feel after a few weeks? You’ll probably need to look at some photos or mementos to remind yourself of how amazing it was. Give it a few more weeks and then you’ll need another reminder.

You’ll either end up addicted to doing just to feed that monster of remarkability. Or you’ll slide into feeling unworthy and seeking validation in some other form.

Look within and stop trying to be outstanding and remarkable—just be. It’s in the stillness of now that you experience what’s truly remarkable—life and all its transient miracles.

Being alive and experiencing every moment—at the most basic level of existence is all you need. When you awaken to this not so ordinary truth, you’ll see the remarkable in you and everyone and everything around you. And that’s when you join life in the most authentic creative dance.

Next time you feel bored, or your life is unremarkable, take a few breaths, have a drink of water, or just take a nap. :) And remember life on planet earth is an extreme sport—by being here, you’re on the biggest adventure of creation.

I’ll leave you with these wise words.

“Nothing is so commonplace as to wish to be remarkable.”~Oliver Wendell Holmes

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