Why I Write … Why You Read

Pen and Paper

May 2010 marks the eighth month since I started One with Now. It is time for me to reflect on this journey and share with you my experience.

First of all, I’m so grateful to each one of you my beloved readers. A lot of you are friends and fellow bloggers whom I respect and admire. I am truly thankful for the time you spend reading and sharing your views in the comments.

My Journey

I started this blog to express my thoughts and views on inner peace.  My philosophy is that inner peace is a result of awareness and surrender (accepting what is in this moment). Through writing I express my own awakening to what is and reflect on life’s gifts and challenges.

My hope

My goal is to inspire you to be at peace and to enjoy this moment as it unfolds. If the message inspires one person,  then mission accomplished.

As I previously mentioned in the about page,  I’m no more qualified than you, or any other person for that matter, when it comes to how to live our lives. I only share my perspective and experiences which you may find useful and inspiring in your own journey.

There are as many perspective as there are people. I believe expressing and sharing our views is what helps us grow.

My own transformation

Interestingly, some of what I wrote about helped me tremendously. Writing has helped me uncover some beliefs and emotions, and find ways to channel them positively. You could say I’ve had therapy sessions in written format :).

So in my desire to inspire others, I grew as a person from writing and reflecting on certain experiences. I have also gained insight from your comments and the viewpoints you have shared.

My connection to all of you gets stronger with every post and comment. I see more of our commonalities and desire for a peaceful life.

Your journey

If you ask me what I wish for you, it would be that you have all of the above: inspiration, insight and growth.

In your journey with this blog, I hope that it helped you, even in the smallest of ways, to be in a better place in your life, to have more peace and joy.

I also wanted to write about interesting topics that spark a healthy discussion and evoke different views.

Did I accomplish my goals and desires? I would love to hear your own views and why you read this blog. It will be of great help to me.

Wishing you peace, inspiration and joy.

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