What If This Was Your Last Day

Cup of coffee

Yesterday I read Derek’s last post. It was truly his last post. He passed away on May 3, 2011. May he rest in peace.

What I got from his message can be summed up in a few sentences. Life has unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy your life and be open to possibilities. Be there for the people you love the most.

This article is by no means a philosophical discussion about life and death. It’s not intended to bring up any morbid thoughts. It’s a gentle reminder about life now in this moment.

After reading Derek’s post, I asked myself: What would I do differently if this were my last day on earth?

Of course part of the beauty of our journey is we don’t know for certain when this day will be. And because of this any day could be our last day.

How does this make a difference in how we live now?

Forgive me if what I say may sound too cliché, but it’s my truth as it stands today—now in this moment.

If this were my last day I would:

Get up and make myself a fresh cup of coffee. I’d sit in my favorite chair facing the window and drink very slowly, savoring each sip—it’s my last taste of coffee.

Then I’d go for a walk in the rain. I’d walk, breathe and smile taking in fresh moist air and being grateful that I can experience this on my last day.

I’d visit my mother and have my favorite meal with her. We’ll eat and talk but this time I’d listen more—without judgment. Before leaving I’d give both my parents the biggest hug and tell them no matter what our differences were, I loved them deeply.

I’d talk to my brothers and my cousin. I’d apologize for not visiting and tell them how much I love them and how much I miss them.

Then I’d spend the rest of my time with my partner at home. I’d just be—at peace, in love, contented that I was where I want to be and that everything I was supposed to do is done.

I’d just be to the last breath.

What if when we get up every day we think the same thought: what would I do if this were my last day?

There are of course things that we have to do. We have to pay our bills, show up for work and put food on the table. But what if we did all those things as if it was our last day?

What a privilege would it be to provide for our families!

How much we’ll miss our co-workers in spite them being a pain in the ass sometimes.

And how blessed we are to be able to have a meal with our loved ones.

Your life is a sequence of short moments. Awaken, love and be all you can be now in this moment—no regrets or disappointments.

This is a short message from my heart and soul to yours. I hope every day and every minute of your life will be fully experienced, enjoyed and savored.

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