The Storm before the Calm


I wrote earlier about having to clean up after finishing a project. My clean up ended up causing more clean up in the garage, the office files and office supplies.

It is so easy to buy stuff and even easier to make a mess. Cleaning up is a different story; it takes more time, energy and desire to face the consequences of our previous actions or lack thereof.

Cleaning up the garage and the office supplies are on my list of things that need to be done completed. In the past couple of days I made good progress but I can’t say I’m finished yet. There is still more stuff to do.

One of the important lessons I have been trying to remind myself of is: if you don’t finish it, start gain soon before you lose momentum. Also don’t start a new project before finishing up loose ends on other items. The less things to do , the less stress and more fun things can be.

Taking everything out of the closet to sort out makes the room look like it was hit by a hurricane (which is me in this case since I can be a natural disaster when it comes to starting a mess). As things get sorted into piles (throw away, give away and keep), the storm starts to calm down.

I felt so light after reducing my stationary supplies from three large boxes to one small box. I filled a large cardboard box with items to be given away. This was a reminder to self: DON’T BUY ANY MORE CRAP!

It is really that simple: if I don’t buy stuff, I can’t make a mess, and there is nothing to clean up after.

The calm is setting in and I’m closer to my target of completing what I started.