The Magic of Enough

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Are you getting ready for the holidays? Do you feel the energy and anticipation? I love the spirit of giving and the demonstration of our collective goodness. The only thing that dampens the mood is the materialistic excess in the way we celebrate the holidays.

Come to think of it, this excess prevails in our daily living. It only is magnified during the holiday season.

With all the gifts, feasts and festivities a question comes to mind: is it enough?

Are you giving enough? Are you receiving enough? Are you celebrating enough?

More importantly, are you enough?

The trap of not enough

If we don’t stop and determine what’s enough, nothing ever is going to be satisfactory in and out of itself. We will always need more—of everything from attention and validation to possessions and achievements.

This state of constant seeking and dissatisfaction creates needless struggle and a sense of worthlessness. We associate our own worth with how much we have or what we accomplish. We go after what we want till we get it. Yet, when we get there, it’s not what we expected and we end up wanting more. Nothing is good enough or meaningful enough.

The magic of enough

Enough can transform our life. When we accept who we are and what we have, everything else falls into place.

Enough is easy and effortless. Life gets easier when you stop seeking and struggling. You have what you need right now. It is enough. Whatever comes after is just gravy.

Enough is truthful. When you feel enough, your actions reflect your authentic desires and truth. You don’t seek more of anything. You just experience life and connect with other in a way that is genuine, not needy or desperate.

Enough is simple. No more meaningless accumulations that resulted from impulses or whims. You do, have and experience what is meaningful to you and nothing more. Your life is simple and enough.

Enough is clarity. You are aware of what enough means to you. You’re not distracted By constant needing.

Enough is beauty. You enjoy enough in every experience, possession and relationship. You see the deeper meaning of everything—that it’s enough.

Enough is inspiring. You feel motivated to be the best you can be without the nagging of needs and wants. You do what you feel motivated to do and let go of the rest. In effect, you create space that allows for inspiration and good things to come into your life.

Enough is peaceful. From the calmness of enough, you allow yourself to be. You are at peace with the abundance in your life at this moment.

How can you experience enough?

Know that you are enough.

Period. End of story. You are enough—the way you are. It is your birthright. You exist therefore you are. You are a one of a kind expression of life that’s worthy of embracing and celebrating.

When you accept your enoughness (not a real word but you get the meaning), you can easily shift your thinking into an enough mentality.

Appreciate what you have in your life right now.

Think of how much you have—love, possessions, and success. Go ahead and make a list if you need to. At this moment you have all you need—be grateful for it.

Relax and stop fretting about what you don’t have. Focus instead on the beauty and abundance of what you have—including the people who love you and care about you.

Find peace in accepting what you can’t have. There are things you may not have. Trust and allow the universe to serve your higher good.

Reflect on why you want more.

There is nothing wrong with exploring your desires and following your heart. The important thing is to know why you desire more. Is it an authentic impulse for growth and living to your full potential? Or are you feeding an ego driven need?

How is your life going to be different when you get what you desire? Capture the feeling. It’s from this feeling of fulfillment that you can create more—with ease.

The peace of enough comes from appreciating and accepting what you have. From that place you can advance in life and pursue your desires and dreams—no struggles or painful wanting. 

Enough is the magic that turns seeking into peace.

Enough is the contentment that makes experiencing and having more joyful.

Enough is you and within you.

May you always feel enough, have enough, and experience enough.

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