The Joy of the Holidays


The Joy of the Holidays

Once the shopping is done and the preparations are underway, you can pause and think about the true joys of this holiday season.

Here are some of the things that makes it all worth it.

The excitement of children. They can’t wait to open their presents and in their anticipation they spread their enthusiasm to the entire family. Children can be our best teachers.

Making a small difference. Knowing that you gave loved ones something that will put a smile on their faces or would make their lives a little bit easier is the best reward for the thought and effort in getting them presents. It is not about the value of the gift, but the thought behind it and the effect it can have.

Time with your family. This is the time to connect with family members. It is the time to share memories and to create new ones that will be cherished for years to come.

Celebrating tradition. The traditions of the holidays are as unique as the people who celebrate them. Embrace your family’s way of celebrating, or start new traditions that the younger ones will be able to connect with in the future. These shared experiences will strengthen the family bond.

The spirit of the holidays. The infectious positive spirit is what makes this time of the year special.  Kindness and generosity become the norm. The desire to help others and share the holiday spirit demonstrate the collective goodness of  humanity.

Relaxed work environment. As the holidays approach, people start taking time off to celebrate the holidays. Others who still work get the advantage of taking it easy. The interesting thing is that life goes on without any major setbacks. So why can’t we work like that the entire time?

Time to self. You can reflect on your experiences throughout the year and think of what you would like to accomplish in the next year. But more importantly, it is time for you to just take it easy and enjoy some quiet time and pamper yourself. If you are rested and relaxed, you will enjoy the holidays more.

Lights, music and food. The decorations and lights brighten the mood. The music lifts your spirits. The festive foods and treats indulge your senses. These are blessings that we share at this time of the year. We are fortunate enough to have them and be able to enjoy them.

Hope the day will come when every person on the face of our planet will have peace, abundance and the ability to celebrate the holidays. This is the perfect time for well wishes to all.

Happy Holidays!