The Cosmic Creative Process - Transforming Chaos to Beauty


If we take a closer look and examine the creative process of the universe, we find a very distinct pattern. It starts with a violent big explosion generating unfathomable amounts of energy. Particles start to clump and form mass.  A lot of energy is used as various objects collide, merge, and destroy one another with lots of debris floating around.

This is how stars, planets and moons and  are born.  From the chaos and violence of messy explosions, come such unique beauty and order.

When I think of my own writing process, I find a great deal of similarity. Massive amounts of information and ideas explode in my head and get scattered all over the place. They roam violently in my mind and then on paper (or the computer screen). I get lost in the middle of this chaos and feel there is no way this is going to amount to anything.

Then my words take a life of their own. They collide, uniting or obliterating one another. The bigger more powerful thoughts swallow the smaller ones. Lots of words and ideas are thrown out of orbit.

As the process continues, something magical happens. Everything starts to fit together. Words slowly become sentences that in turn form paragraphs. Before I know it, my creation has come to life—I have a cohesive article.

We each have a mini universe within. We have the violent urge to create and the massive amount of energy to make it happen. Thoughts and ideas wander around in our heads. The trick is to recognize that this chaos is the foundation of any meaningful creation.

How can we transform the chaos into something meaningful? Inspiration from how the universe creates.

Start the process. The best time to create is now. Everything within you and around you is a creation. We are created and we are creators. We are in a constant stream of creation.  All you need to do is focus your ability to consciously create what you desire … now.

Play with your ideas (words, musical notes, brush strokes) and let them dance to physical form. The universe plays with Hydrogen and allows it to transform into various other gasses and physical matter.  You can do the same with your creative material. Work with your material and let the material work with you. Embrace the confusion and the mess. Play with it. Give it enough time and the beauty and cohesion will emerge.

Don’t throw out the leftovers. Just like debris in the universe, what you think is not useful today might be useful some other day. So keep your leftover ideas, drawings, compositions or snapshots somewhere out of orbit. You never know. One day they might come in handy or inspire another creation.

Accept that some of your creative efforts will die. Just like stars and planets do. If your final creation is not successful (based on your own definition of success), let it go. The death of one thing can be the catalyst for another creation to come to life.

Do not label outcomes. In the universe stars die and new ones form constantly. The universe moves along in silence. Nothing is good or bad …  just is. You can do the same thing with your own creation. Accept what is. You can morn the loss of a dead idea and celebrate the creation of a new one but don’t let your own existence and enjoyment of life depend on it. You are a powerful creator, with or without the outcome.

Create in solitude. Creation is mostly a solitary experience. You don’t see the stars having a party to form planets. Your own creation comes from the power within. You can be inspired by the beauty and elegance of your surroundings but you can only create from within.

Keep going. Billions of stars and planets are created and destroyed on a regular basis. Keep creating and recognize that creation is a constant process. The more you create the easier it becomes. You become the master of your creation,  just like life is the master of our creation. Through this perpetual creative process our universe expands and life evolves.

We all are creators. Some of us know it more than others. We each have within the ability to add more beauty and wonder to life.  When you create from the depth of your desires and being, whatever you create will be uniquely yours—just like everything in the universe originated from one source that manifested in countless unique forms and shapes, including us.