Pure Joy Comes from the Simplest Acts

Water fight

During the last week, I spent at least four hours a day working in the backyard with my family.  We got cement blocks, pavers, rocks and got to work to create a simple minimalist garden.  As I write this, every bone and muscle in my body aches. Yet I have the biggest smile on my face. I had a great time. We laughed, tumbled, smacked each other (by accident) and got really dirty.

The sun was our friend the entire time and we took full advantage of it working and basking in its glory. We took breaks and had home made cappuccinos—the most delicious beverage on earth as far as I’m concerned.

Then we sat in silence.  It is the type of silence when you feel connected to anything and everything… no words are required.

This entire week has been a true and unadulterated_ joy_. We worked hard; we had fun and we shared a beautiful experience.  This is what life is meant to be… an accumulation of simple and joyful experiences.

Why are the simplest experiences the source of the greatest joy?

When I think of the most fun and memorable things I’ve done they always end up being the simplest and closest to home activities.

Such experiences share certain qualities that can be summed up in the following:

No pretense. Experiences that are driven by genuine desire and a true purpose will create the most joy. A simple act like working in a small backyard, baking cookies, or playing a game are all examples of such pure fun.

No expectations and deadlines. Not a lot of planning is required to start acting. Things tend to move in tandem with the mood and energy of the group. There is no pressure and no expectations; everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. Being at ease really helps in connecting with what is joyful.  Slowing down and doing things at a leisurely pace enhances the enjoyment of every minute.

No rigid rules. Everyone goes with the flow. There are no rules about how things should go. There are no requirements or prerequisites to be part of the adventure.

Great company. We usually have the best fun with people we care about and feel comfortable to hang out with.  The fun energy spreads quickly when everyone feels at ease. No one has to hide or pretend to be or do anything they don’t like.

Always remember that you are the most important part of any great company.  If you don’t enjoy your own company, chances are you won’t enjoy other people’s company much. Also, solitude can be a source of  genuine, joyful and creative experiences.

Life has its challenges and pain but we can still enjoy ourselves the rest of the time. Why not allow ourselves to have fun, to laugh, to be wild and crazy?

How can you experience more joy in your life today?

The two most important elements that bring us the most joy are the ones that generally shape our experiences and results in life.

I. Passion 

In doing what you love, you seek experiences that reflect your authentic desires. You won’t care about what people think or who will be impressed. You are you!

When you are excited about what you want to do, you will effortlessly get into it. You will be in the flow and forget about time and limitations. You will have a great time and a wonderful experience. Getting it done becomes the icing on the cake.

II. People

The people you interact with influence your thoughts, actions and experiences. Spending time with the people you love and care about will give you more of the same—more love, more life with heart.

Being surrounded by your loved ones makes it easier to be yourself and interact authentically; every action becomes an expression of truth and beauty—a joy.

Life can be as simple and peaceful as we make it out to be. If you follow your heart, you will do what you enjoy with the people you love and have amazing experiences.