The 12 Priceless Gifts of Christmas and Beyond

Christmas bag

This is a special time of the year. We get to celebrate the season, say goodbye to a year and welcome a new one with renewed optimism.

I love the holidays—the lights, the music, and especially our human connection.

During this season cheerfulness, kindness, and generosity become the norm. One can’t help but be swept away by this surge of goodness.

Part of the holiday season involves gift giving. And there is nothing wrong with buying someone you care about a gift that expresses your love and appreciation. The look on someone’s face when he or she unwraps a gift is one of the most gratifying feelings—to know that you made a difference and brightened a loved one’s day.

But putting aside traditional gift giving, the holidays can be an expression of pure love.

There are things we can do today, and every day, that will be a gift to anyone—things that will deepen our bond and convey love more than any material gift. They don’t cost money, and they can’t be quantified.

In the true spirit of the holidays, let’s look at gifts that can’t be bought and sold.

12 gifts of love

These are the acts that we can do, starting right now. We don’t need a special time or place. We don’t need money, or a shopping mall.

I invite you to join me and use as many of the gifts below (or your own ideas) for the rest of this month, and maybe after.

1. Attention

Giving your undivided attention to the people you care most about, without distractions, is one of the most generous gifts anyone can give. No cellphones, no social media, no TV.

2. Kindness

We can consciously choose kindness in every interaction we have. We can be kind with our words, and actions. Kindness is not only a gift to others, but a gift to ourselves.

3. Acceptance

Letting people know that you accept them as they are for who they are touches their hearts and lifts their spirits.

4. Validation

Acknowledge others and let them know that you see them, you hear them, and you value them. See others the way they like to be seen. It’s a precious gift they’ll always cherish.

5. Smile

Smile at anyone and everyone. A smile is a universal language that brightens the day, and warms the night.

6. Touch

A gentle touch connects us to a loved one. We don’t need words when our atoms connect—even for a second.

7. Words of encouragement

Kind and uplifting words vibrate with love and support.

8. Embrace

Hug people with all you’ve got. Let them feel the warmth of your heart and the love in your being. Feel their warmth and love. Feel our oneness.

9. A helping hand

Helping with house chores, cooking, or decorations can be a fun time to connect with loved ones. And it will be greatly appreciated.

10. Free time and space

Let loved ones have their own free time to do what they want, or have time to themselves, and take over their responsibilities. They’ll truly appreciate this precious gift of freedom and solitude.

11. Playing and sharing moments

Do anything with family and loved ones. Play a game, sing a song, dance, make funny faces, or anything else that can bring joy and laughter.

12. Being there

It all boils down to simply being there for the ones we care about the most. Be there—mind, body, heart, and soul. It’s the gift that we all aspire to give and receive.

Let’s make our holiday celebrations about generosity of the heart, kindness of the spirit, and love in its highest form—simply being there without agendas, or expectations.

And when we do, every moment we share with others is pure unadulterated joy.

Happy Holidays dear friends. You are greatly loved and appreciated.