The Field of Possibility

Field of possibility

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~ Rumi

The first time I read the quote above I thought of a field of acceptance of anything and everything. It’s the field of oneness with all that is—as it is.

Then I started looking within this field of oneness with life. And the idea of the field of possibility emerged.

If you can, close your eyes, for a minute, and look beyond your closed eyes. What do you see?

  • Imagine anything you like at this moment.
  • Is there anything stopping you from imagining anything?
  • Is there any limit to what’s behind your eyes?

That is the field of possibility. It’s the invisible grass of all that is—form and formless—and it is here, in this moment, right now.

It’s upon this field that each and every thought, action, creation, formation, destruction, reconstruction, and transformation exist.

The field of possibility is boundless, and unconditional. Anything and everything is possible.

All we need to do is just tap into this field and get what we want—consciously and unconsciously.

When we feel constrained, incapable, or doubtful, it’s because we’re trying to fence ourselves up in limitations, to protect ourselves from the fears of possibility.

Today I invite you to reconnect with all that is possible. When you appreciate that all of existence is one immense potentiality that you can tap into, you will realize the following.

1. You are limitless.

Your entire being is part of this vastness of possibility.

If you ever felt unable to do something, or don’t have what it takes, think again. The only thing that’s holding you back is your limiting thoughts—which also exist in the field of possibility.

The thoughts pass by like light fluffy clouds above the field of possibility. Some thoughts are limiting and** **cautious. We don’t have to reject them. But we can choose not to hold on to them and allow them to continue floating away.

2. We’re not creators.

We are transformers.

Creativity does not mean making up something from scratch. It’s merely a transformation of the energy of an idea—that’s been there all along in the field of possibility.

The transformation however is as unique as the transformer. It is expressed from a distinct perspective and personal touch like no other.

If you think you need to be creative, you don’t. You are a transformer of energy. Your existence—the way you are—is all the proof you need.

And if you ever doubt that it’s too late to get into something, remember that the unique transformation that will result from your experience will remain only yours—one of a kind.

3. We don’t need to fear the unknown.

The energy of life is not born and does not die. It changes shape and transforms.

The unknown is simply the energy of possibility that hasn’t been brought into our conscious awareness.

In the field of possibility, nothing is unknown. And what we perceive as unknown exists awaiting manifestation into a format we can grasp.

The unknown is not better or worse than what is. It is what is in invisible form.

We are okay at this moment with all the unknowns existing on the same field. So why fear what we’re okay with?

4. There is always a choice to do things differently.

Every choice is one possibility among countless options.

When we feel stuck, it’s because we’re limiting ourselves to one choice and we stop looking for other alternatives.

Just like you chose one thing, you can let go of it and choose something else. Nothing is stopping you. The field of possibility is always there for you to get what you want.

5. Possibility works both ways.

The possibility for transformation exists on both levels: positive and negative, trusting and fearful, loving or hateful, angry or calm, can and can’t, will and won’t, should and shouldn’t, and every other imaginable choice on the spectrum.

The choice of our own possibility is ours, and ours only. It’s up to each one of us to determine what’s possible for us. If we tap into fear, we’ll get it. And if we look for love, we’ll find it.

In the field of limitless possibility, we always find what we’re looking for—even if what we’re looking for is limitation.

Possibility permeates existence—timeless, limitless, impartial, undiscriminating, and democratic. It’s within us, all around us and accessible at any given moment.

With that, let’s close with a modified Rumi quote that appreciates what’s possible and say:

Out beyond ideas of limitation and doubt, there is a field of possibility. Life always meets you there.

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