Taking Time to Notice What You Like

Notice what you like

If you are here reading this article right now, please stop for a second and look around you. What are the things that you like right now? Do you like your computer? Your desk? Your home? The way you look? The bright skies? Or the dark nights? Your family? Your job? Your clothes?

How many times a day do you notice what you like?

Our conditioning makes us almost instinctively tuned in to what we don’t like. We’re bombarded with negativity and what we collectively don’t like all day long.

Praise is not as common as gossip—the the universal language of communicating what we don’t like about other people. Gratitude is the exception and complaining is the norm.

It’s not easy to focus on what you like since it’s not the common thing to do. So how do we break the cycle?

Change your focus. Make a conscious effort to notice what you like as you go through your day.

Whenever you notice something you like, pause for a split second and acknowledge it. Someone smiled at you for no reason, take notice. The shoes you’re wearing are really comfortable, pay attention to that. The smell of freshly baked bread is so heavenly.

By the end of the day you will have noticed so many things you like that they will dwarf the things you don’t like.

Why it’s important to notice what you like

Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. ~Rilke

When you notice the things that are working in your life, you reap tremendous benefits.

Truth. When you stop to notice what you like, you give it attention—the depth of your awareness and appreciation. You connect with what you’re noticing—you become one with it. You experience the truth.

Beauty. You get to appreciate the beauty of this life and all the magical things that we take for granted every day. You see the brightness of the stars, feel the warmth of the sun, you_ embrace_ the safety of your family and home.

Peace. How do you think you would feel if you focused most of your time on the things you like? I have no doubt that you will feel lighter, more at peace, and more open to life.

Vibration. When you feel better, you raise your vibration. This is a much better place to be for yourself and the universe. We all can use a bit of a lift, can’t we?

Manifestation. If you believe that your thoughts create your world, this is a good way to start getting out of your negative zone. Continuing to focus on the negative (what you don’t like) will perpetuate the same feelings and outcomes. It’s a vicious cycle that can drain you.

Alternatively, when you give your attention to what you like, you effortlessly create more of the same. You shift your attitude and habitual thinking and break the cycle.

How to do it more often

Noticing something means giving it your attention. Here are my recommendations. You can use anything that works for you as long as you do it consistently.

Vocalize—name what you like

When you notice something you like, say is out loud. If you like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, say I love the smell of coffee. Do it whenever you can. Hearing your own voice can be a great way to raise your vibration.

Write it down

If you don’t want to say things out loud, write them down. Have a notebook or a simple text file on your computer/phone and whenever you notice something you like, write it down. By the end of the day, notice how many things you like and how you feel about it.

If you like to write in a journal, you can list all the things in your journal and reflect upon what you wrote from time to time.

Mental note + Smile

As you get used to the idea, and it becomes easier, you can just pause and mentally note what you like and then smile. This is really is all you need. We all can use more smiles in our lives. And more people who are smiling.

Whatever method (or combination) you use, make it a habit. Keep doing it. You will slip into negative thoughts from time to time and that’s okay. Every time you pay attention to your own behavior, you break the cycle. This is how change starts to take effect.

As you notice more of what you like, you allow more to come into your life. You set yourself up for more success.

This is not positive thinking. It’s positive reality. It’s an awakening to what’s there right in front of you—the things that touch you, give you joy or make you smile.

The simple act of noticing what you like is the birthplace of gratitude.

When you notice something, you give it attention, you breathe life into it. So why not give life to what you like instead of what you don’t?

So out with the don’t and in with the do. :)

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