More or Less Life Reminders


It is easy to react negatively to something in spite of our best intentions to respond in a favorable way. When we are caught in the moment, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Reminding ourselves of the values that are important can help in such situations.

I came up with a list of more or less reminders of what I would like to be and do in this year. Since repletion is the mother of improvement, I’m going to read this list every day and contemplate the meaning behind each reminder.

Without further ado, my 10 more or less life reminders:

  • Love more, expect less.
  • Surrender more, resist less.
  • Sense more, judge less.
  • Be more, fear less.
  • Enjoy more, seek less.
  • Do more, think less.
  • Appreciate more, complain less.
  • Trust more, worry less.
  • Breathe more, rush less.
  • Imagine more, escape less.

There are other countless possible reminders and probably with better correlation than mine. But the above are the ones that inspire me and get me fired up to be the best I can be at the moment. How about you? What inspires you to be your best?