Don’t Seize the Moment. Let the Moment Seize You

Fun in the snow

Seize the moment. Seize the day. Carpe diem.

Opportunity only knocks once.

The notion if we don’t make the best of this moment or opportunity, we will lose something. Life is too short not to be grabbed by the horns.

We‘re always evaluating, prioritizing and reprioritizing … working really hard to make the best of our talents, education, skills and the opportunities awarded to us.

This is all great if we feel satisfied and contented. In most cases though, we continue to strive and want more.

What’s wrong with ambition? Aren’t we supposed to grow and learn?

There is nothing wrong with ambition and growth if we’re pursuing them from a place of trust and acceptance—and not as an attempt to find something to fix (or complete) us.

If my experience is any indication, most of our struggles are self-made. I feel tired and drained chasing opportunities the moment they arise—trying to make the best of each—only to be distracted by the next one that appears.

I’m writing from my own experience. As you read, add your own, or reflect on how these statements show up in your life.

And please note that the main purpose is to shed light on some of our thought and behavioral patterns that cause us pain. It’s not a judgment or a lecture on how to live. We’re all students and explorers of life.

Seizing the moment

When we try to seize each moment and opportunity, what are we telling the universe? A few observations below.

When I try to seize the moment, I:

Rush into action. Because I don’t know if the opportunity is going to present itself again. Limited time offers aren’t only a marketing ploy; they’re a way of life.

Feel anxious and fearful. I need reassurance that I’m saying yes to the right opportunity. I fear losing or missing out on a opportunity—worse, choosing the wrong one.

See lack. There is only a limited number of chances and I need to take full advantage of them. Otherwise, I will regret the missed opportunities. I become an opportunist.

Second-guess life. I don’t trust. I lack faith in things as they are. I need to keep going. I need to do more and be more in order to fulfill my destiny.

Regret. The things I didn’t do and the things I chose that didn’t work out. And if I’m lucky and things work out, I’ll start seeking again, looking for what’s next.

The beauty of our existence is that we can choose differently at any moment.

Now let’s reverse the situation. Instead of the constant seizing and seeking, let’s allow life to seize us.

If we were to let that happen, how would we feel?

Imagine a life without struggle—a life of accepting and welcoming instead of wanting and searching.

Here are a few thoughts.

When I let the moment seize me, I:

Become a vessel of life. I am a conduit for all of life’s expressions. I let the emotions of life experience me—love, sadness, fear, faith, doubt, kindness, or even cruelty.

I let the rain touch my face … the clothes feel my skin …  each motion stretch my body.

I let inspiration come through me—in words, music, song, or laughter.

I become the actor. Life is the writer, producer, and director of my movie.

Trust and allow. I surrender to life and what it brings me. Life knows better than I do.

Listen and embrace what comes up. I go with the feelings of inspiration, the whispers of intuition, and the little nudges that it’s time to do something.

I do things calmly and for my own reasons, without pressure or excessive fear (some fear is part of living).

Learn to wait, instead of chase. Things happen at the pace of life, not at the speed of my seeking and insecurities. In the mean time, I enjoy the moments of comfort, without guilt.

Life is not too short or too long. Life is life—eternal, beautiful, scary, and mysterious.

Stop pretending that I am in control. Or that I know what I’m doing. Most of the times I don’t. And that’s okay. Life is a journey of discovery, where we get lost most of the time.

To let the moment seize you is to stop looking for opportunities … to be open to what life brings and to act when it feels right in your heart, not based on a timeframe or a limited time offer.

You are a unique and tasty flavor of life. Let it savor you—moment by moment.

I usually share a theme for the upcoming year. For the past couple of years my themes were less is more and relentless focus. This year’s theme (and intention) is to let the moment seize me.

The life that is you, in you, through you, and around you is waiting to seize and experience you.