In Praise of Simplicity in Life and the Universe


“Nature is what we know - yet have not art to say – so impotent our wisdom is to her simplicity” ~Emily Dickinson

We live in times of unprecedented evolution. Technology is accelerating at a pace our minds and bodies can’t  keep up with. Life as our ancestors knew is becoming increasingly more alien to us—and I’m sure ours would be to them.

We heavily rely on technology on almost every aspect of our lives— so many tools and gadgets, so many ways to communicate and express ourselves—so much to do and see and so little time.

In our effort to advance, we’re moving towards more complexity at unsurpassed speed. Complexity clouds our thoughts and impairs our inner vision.

And with more complexity, more and more of us are yearning for simplicity. We want to move at a pace that feels right for us—that allows us to catch our breath and enjoy the ride.

While change is an inevitable part of life and evolution, complexity isn’t. We can live in simpler ways and at a slower pace.

I’d like to share with you my take on simplicity from life and nature’s perspective and what it means to us today.

“Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.” ~Albert Einstein

Simplicity in life is:

Singular. All creation starts with one simple act. From one single event, the big bang, the vast universe as we know it came into existence. Everything we create originates in the same way—one act at a time. Life doesn’t multitask.

Basic. All of creation as we know it started from one simple element after the big bang—hydrogen. It’s the creative brush, paint and canvas by which our universe was formed. The elements we use and the ones that make up our bodies came from this essential element as it transformed over billions of years. Life sticks to the most basic tools.

Not bound by time. Everything in nature takes all the time it needs to form and grow. Creation follows its own energetic course without deadlines and agendas. Nothing is racing against time. There is no need for speed.

Clear and focused. As complex as our universe seems it functions on four known forces—gravity, electromagnetic, strong and week nuclear forces.These forces transform elements, create stars and galaxies, shape planets and living organisms.

Elegant. Just have a look at the night skies or view images of stars, nebulae and galaxies—understated beauty and elegance beyond words.

Aware. Life regenerates and expands its awareness through simple cycles of death and birth. Stars are formed from the dusts of dying ones. Life on our planet carries the same awareness and elements of the dying stars—simplicity at its core.

Powerful. We all know how powerful nature is on our planet. As violent as some events may seem, they carry incredible power to simply sustain balance of the earth’s elements. This power is magnified tremendously when you look at the cosmic landscape.

Truthful. Life continues to express itself and evolve in the vastness of space based on its laws. Life doesn’t accumulate stuff or do things to impress.

Simplicity in life isn’t:

Dull and plain. It’s fun and colorful. Just check the Hubble imagery of our universe for a taste of what takes place around us every day.

About less. There are billions of stars in every galaxy and billions of galaxies in the universe. But they all serve a purpose in creation. Simplicity in life doesn’t necessarily mean less—unless you’re removing what doesn’t serve a purpose in your life.

A goal or destination. Simplicity is a fundamental principal in the evolution of life. It’s what paves the roads of creation—the means by which we came into existence. Life doesn’t simplify for the sake of simplicity.

What simplicity means to you

How can you simplify your life in a way that’s meaningful and truthful to you?

This is a question only you can answer. But what I can tell you from simplifying some aspects of my life is this:

Simplicity is personal. The way you simplify is as unique as you. It comes from within and reflects who you are—at the most basic and authentic level. What may be simple to you might not be to someone else. So simplify your way.

Simplicity is Fun. To be able to feel the joy of the simplest of experiences is what simplicity is about. If you’re not having fun and enjoying your life, you’re going too far or overcomplicating simplicity—it can happen.

Simplicity is innate. We are all natural born simplifiers. But as we get older, stuff happens and we lose sight of all the gifts within. Just look at a child at play and you’ll remember what simplicity felt like to you.

Simplicity is practical. Simplicity is a tool that we can use to figure out what serves a purpose in our lives and what doesn’t. Keep using it.

Simplicity is art. The way you live your life is your art. Enhance every aspect of your life by simplifying the way you move, feel, think, consume, create, connect and express.

In a nutshell, simplicity is within you, as life is. Connect to your truth and express the gift you are to the world.