I Surrender


Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stuck and struggling to get things done. These feelings are the result of one form of resistance or another.

I find myself in the “I should” zone more than just doing something or allowing myself to be.

The best course of action in this situation is to stop the “should” of wanting myself, others, or the world to do things differently. Today’s article is a reflection on what it means to surrender more to life.

When reading, think of how you feel about these statements. Go within. Do they resonate with you?

If you feel resistance or negativity, it’s not a bad thing. It means something wants your attention.

This would be a good opportunity to notice and question your thoughts and see if you can transmute the negativity into something that’s supportive of you.

As I write this piece, so many things tug at my energy and demand my attention. And I resist. This is a good indication that I need to notice and practice more to be one with life and what is.

When I surrender I:

Let go of wanting to understand why I’m here, what purpose my existence serves, and whether I matter or not.

Realize that I exist in this moment in time and this may radically change in the blink of an eye.

Give up hope for a different past and present and deal with whatever comes up—stress, confusion, chaos, and all—the best way I can.

Accept all parts of me—insecurities, fears, anxieties, darkness, and their lighter counterparts.

Embrace my weaknesses as much as my strengths embrace me. I can be weird, and different. That’s me.

Submit to the energy of life, be it destiny, chance, or both, whatever the case may be.

Allow events to unfold and step out of my own way. I’m not responsible for the world and I can’t control anything outside of me.

Let things be—others and myself included. Control is an illusion and attachment to specific outcomes sets me up for suffering when things don’t work out my way.

Follow my heart and gut feeling instead of what my head tells me and what others expect of me.

Stop fighting what I don’t like, realizing that my resistance only fuels negativity.

Stop avoiding pain at any cost. Instead, feel the pain till it lets go of me.

Feel my aliveness equally through joy and pain without judgment.

Trust that life is on my side. No matter what happens, I’ll be okay.

Know that I don’t know much about anything.

Welcome the unknown as the only certainty.

Receive openly and graciously without questioning whether I deserve what I get or not.

Breathe like I mean it—deeply and consciously. I stop holding my breath. I breathe into and from life.

See life for the beautiful and messy creative dance that it is. I no longer need to analyze and question why things are the way they are.

Listen to my body and accept its tiredness and energy alike.

Appreciate the outcome of my experiences so far and how they lead me to where I am today. I’m grateful for the blessings of creation all around me.

Love with all my heart and let go of wanting to be loved back—I focus on all the love that I have in my life right now.

Learn from all of life how to grow slowly, quietly, and gracefully into my potential.

Ease into my days and actions. And if I’m having a rough time, roll with it, instead of fighting the feelings.

Forgive the past and let go of the need for validation, payback or wishing things were different. I stop expecting others to think and act in a certain way. We all do the best we know how in the moment.

Take responsibility for my own feelings without judgment or blame, right or wrong, should or shouldn’t.

In surrendering I’m not giving up, rather giving in and yielding to life as it is, as it was, and as it will be.