Embracing Your Obsessive Side (Why Obsession Can Be a Good Thing)


There is an innate tendency in us to repeat what we enjoy. Ever observe a child obsessing over the same Disney movie watching it over and over, or doing the same thing more than a hundred times a day just because it is fun?

As adults we tend to lose the enjoyable side of obsession. We associate it with compulsive or unwanted thoughts and emotions. Yet we obsess more than we realize. Our beliefs, desires, fears and attitudes are shaped by habitual thinking and feeling.

We can use this obsessive trait to our advantage. One definition of obsession is: the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

Based on the above definition the outcome of obsession depends on the type of dominant thoughts, ideas and desires one has. If one obsesses over positive empowering ideas and desires, amazing things can happen.

“The movers and shakers have always been obsessive nuts.” ~Theodore Sturgeon

Here are a few examples of how obsession can be a good thing.

Finishing what you started

Have a project lingering that you can’t seem to finish? Make it your new obsession. Think about it; make plans and work on it as if your life depended on it. Make it the love of your life till it’s done. It is probably taking a lot of your mental space anyway. Think of how you will feel when you complete it.

Practice makes improvement

Put your energy and focus into practicing something you want to improve. Write more; play an instrument; learn to tap dance. Think about it a lot and make the new practice part of your daily habits. Look forward to the time you are going to do it.

Learning a new skill

We all have a lot of things we want to learn or do. But we get distracted and don’t seem to find the time. Pick something you really wanted to learn and make a conscious decision that this is going to be your new obsession. Imagine and continue to think about it. Get excited and build the anticipation of the fun you’re going to have.

Start your own small business This would be a great way to harness your obsessive side to start the business you dreamed of. Play with ideas and concepts. Think about your business when you go to bed, looking forward to all the fun and scary stuff you’re going to do tomorrow.

Reformat your mental hard drive

We all have a stream of habitual thinking that shapes our view of life and how we experience it. Creating a new mantra that you love and repeating it over and over to establish a new belief is an effective way of using your obsession to your advantage. Do it with focus and conviction and you will gradually change your thoughts.

Leading by example

When you are focused on what is enjoyable, your enthusiasm can be infectious. Without any deliberate effort on your part, you will spread your positive energy and encourage others to become as obsessive as you are. Who doesn’t want to have a positive impact on others? Take your obsession and embrace it into every aspect of your life that is empowering and fun. Allow yourself to repeat what you enjoy. Now go listen to your favorite song.  Have fun and enjoy your brain power!

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