Doing the Best You Can

Washing hands

Do you want to feel more peace in your life right at this moment?

If the answer is yes, then do this one thing: Regardless of what it is you’re doing or experiencing, do the best you can. That’s it.

Doing the best you can is very simple. When you’re contemplating or starting something, intend on doing the best you can.

Say to yourself (inwardly or outwardly) I’ll do the best I can.

The beauty of your best

Doing your best will transform the way you do the simplest of tasks. Think of these benefits.

Awakening to this moment

When you do your best, you’ll experience life on a whole new level. You’ll be fully immersed in what you’re doing. You will have sharp, but soft focus on one action without the need to think about what was before or what’s coming after.

Acceptance and appreciation

The underlying intention of doing your best, will pave the way for you to experience this moment as is. If you’re feeling angry, it’s the best you can feel. If you’re feeling happy, it’s your best as well. Accepting what you’re feeling will ease you into action with more awareness.

If you know you’re doing your best, you can’t expect anything more from yourself. You will accept your effort for what it is.

And when you accept, you open your entire being to life. You set yourself up in a feel good loop. You accept and appreciate, and you feel better, and as you feel better, you appreciate more.

Being at peace

When you experience what’s unfolding right now, without struggle, you will feel an inner calm. You will go with it and let everything else float in the background.

How do you do your best?

How can you tell if you’re doing your best? It’s very simple. Look within and see how you’re feeling at the moment. Are you contented? Are you calm? Or are you anxious and frazzled? Only you can tell.

Consider these simple guidelines that I found useful in my own experience of trying to do my best.

No standards

You get to define what best means to you. There are no grades or gold stars. This is your best—you own it.

No perfection

Your best is personal, not perfect. It’s dynamic and flexible. It will change and grow with you over time.

No expectations

Put in your best effort without any regard to outcomes. Don’t focus on goals and targets; do the best you can and the results will take care of themselves.

No rush

You can’t do your best if you’re obsessing over how fast you’re going and trying to save time. Go for it and forget time all together.

More play

Don’t take things too seriously. The best is usually light hearted and playful.

A way of life

Doing your best can become a way of life for you—every minute and every day—whether it’s a mental challenge, a physical experience or an emotional meltdown. Reminding yourself that you’re doing the best you can is the best way to handle anything.

When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that your intention today is to do the best you can. Do your best when you move out of bed; make your shower the best one you’ve ever had. Get dressed like it’s fashion week for you. Eat the best breakfast you can have. Do the best job you can do. Smile your best smile. Laugh your best laugh and cry your best cry.

It is the smallest of moments, experienced to the fullest, that infuse your life with the most profound meaning and value. A life lived moment by moment the best way possible is a life well lived.

“Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action for all eternity.” ~Johann Kaspar Lavater

To your best!