Lazy Beginnings


“I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.” ~Lech Walesa

Today I am very lazy in a good way. We had friends over last night and spent hours talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Today is alone, recharging time.

The sunshine was amazing today. The entire house was filled with warmth and brightness.

Enjoying the Mellow Sunday evening. Browsing online, reading Twitter and being ok with not doing more. Doing nothing can be very productive.

Earlier today I bought some books and movies, then donated some funds to a charity supporting Multiple Myeloma Research in Canada. Sending well wishes and healing thoughts to everyone who has any sort of ailment. With the pace science has been advancing, we are closer than ever to finding cures.

As I write this the words that come to mind are: peace, joy, smile, relax and be. So I’m being here and now beginning the first entry in this blog. It is a lazy, relaxed beginning.

Promise to Self: They say to start is half done. I say keeping at it is the other half. I’m making a lazy promise today that I will keep writing even when I don’t think I have something to write about. If there is a positive thought, then it is going to show up somewhere on this blog.

Anticipation: Sunday night is one of my favorite TV nights. I’m waiting for: Drop Dead Diva, Mad Men and Dexter. A trio of of creativity and brilliance: a resurrected superficial model/ talented lawyer, a bunch of advertising crazies bringing sixties back, and a vengeful yet adorable serial killer. What more can we ask for?

Thank you universe for TV. While it can be mind numbing sometimes, some shows (like the ones mentioned above) can be very entertaining and thought provoking.