A Quick Recipe for Feeling Good About Yourself


Is life dragging you down? Are you feeling any negative emotions, or worse feeling indifferent?

How would you like to transform this into a positive feeling right now?

The simplest and fastest way to feel good is to make others feel good.

If you are down on yourself, look for someone around you and acknowledge them or say something positive.

When you say something positive to someone, they immediately feel better.  The moment you notice a change in others, you will start feeling better yourself.

What if you say something and others don’t believe you?

The thing about giving positive reinforcement to someone else is that it needs to be:

  • Genuine. You have to mean what you say and more importantly feel it. Otherwise, don’t say it. People will see right through you. Whatever you say has to be true and heartfelt.
  • Unconditional with no strings attached. When you support someone, do it for its own sake. Don’t expect anything in return. Expectations will taint your motivation and may lead to disappointment.

How can you see the positive in others when you are in a negative state?

This is the challenging part. We are programmed to look for the negative in ourselves and others. It is easier to be critical and skeptical than supportive and understanding.

Our ability to find limitation is enhanced when we are in a negative state. Sometimes we use the most inane excuse to unleash our negativity and attack others only to regret it later thus compounding the misery.

Open your heart and mind

In order to see the positive in others, you need to become aware of your surroundings and the people you interact with.

If you open your mind and heart, every person you meet can awe you, inspire you and awaken you.  We are all miracles of creation with limitless potential and amazing qualities. We are in each other’s life for a reason.

Look beyond your own thought patterns. Look for the positive and you will find it.  We became so skilled in finding the negative. Why not use our abilities to uncover the positive?

Express yourself

Once you find something positive, express it right away. Don’t second guess yourself or try to edit. If your compliment is coming from a place of truth, it will serve its purpose.

People will accept your gesture and appreciate you for taking the time and energy to connect with them. When you empower others, they will respond positively, elevating the vibrational frequency of everyone involved.

An added bonus

Looking for good in others will make it easier for us to see the good in ourselves.  It is there;  we just couldn’t see it in the past because our minds and hearts were clouded.

Be part of the movement

Contrary to our social conditioning of fear and doubt, the human collective is inherently good and supportive. We all desire to connect with others in a positive way.

There is a shift in human consciousness. We are becoming more aware of our truth and connectedness. Let’s be part of the movement that is happening right now.

Look for ways to connect with others and appreciate them. It is a win-win situation.