One With Now (OWN) is about uncovering the peace within and making the best out of every day.

It provides practical advice on how to become more aware of this moment and accept it without resistance. It’s about reducing mental and emotional clutter and creating more space in your life for what truly matters—experiencing and embracing life moment by moment in the eternal now.

My name is Manal Ghosain and I’m the writer of this blog. I live with my family in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m a financial analyst, a simplicity enthusiast and a music composer in the making (have a long way to go).

I want to share with you my journey as I step out of restlessness and move more towards stillness and peace.

My writing is not about abstract concepts but about hands-on life experiences. Check out the archives page to view topics and published articles to date.

My hope is for you to live a peaceful and authentic experience in this moment—to be one with now.

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