A 7-Week Journey to Peaceful Momentum

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The main objective of this blog is to help uncover the peace within each one of us by clearing out unsupportive thoughts and habits and embracing life as it unfolds now.

Infusing your life with momentum can help you in embracing the beauty in your life and gently cleansing what’s stopping you from pursuing your passions and living your truth.

The best way to move forward is to know where you are and where you want to be. Once you embark on this journey, you start moving towards your true desires. There is peace in authentic action.  And successful action needs momentum.

My friend Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering is releasing a book titled: THE 7-WEEK LIFE CLEANSE A Simple Guide to Infusing Your Life with MOMENTUM.

It is a guide and workbook on how to cleanse your life and clear what’s stopping you from pursuing your passion and allowing your truth to shine through.

During the 7 weeks journey, you go through small conscious steps to cleanse your life. The process will help you gain awareness, energy, and momentum.

Each week has daily doable exercises with detailed worksheets and instructions. You can choose to fully immerse yourself in the process (plunging in) or doing a few steps from each week (dipping in). The choice is yours—use and do what works for you and move at your own pace.

In the 7 weeks adventure you will go through the following:

  1. Creating time and space
  2. Moving differently
  3. Gathering ease and flow
  4. Taking stock and letting go
  5. Pushing yourself forward
  6. Soul searching
  7. Sustaining change

As you can see from the titles above, the process starts with increasing your awareness of your inner and outer environment. It moves you gently through physical movement. As you become more at ease you start appreciating what you have, and become willing to let go of what you don’t need in your life. Then you move forward to embracing your truth and creating long lasting change that drives you towards your heart’s desires.

This life cleanse is for anyone who wants to shake things up a bit, gain clarity and kick start their momentum to make life empowering changes.

7 reasons why I’m recommending this book

1. It’s practical and doable.

This is not a book to read (consume) and put away. It’s something you work with to change your life.

For each week and day, you have actionable steps that guide you through the process to achieve the main goal of the week.

2. It’s from the heart to the heart.

This guide was written from the heart with love and a true desire to inspire you to have the life you deserve. Momentum gathers with ease when your heart is at work. It is fed by joy and passion.

As you go through the process, you will feel lighter, your heart will open up and you will become more motivated and inspired to move forward.

3. It works.

Katie writes from her personal experience and knows firsthand the joys and rewards that come from infusing your life with momentum—and that I can attest to from the parts I’ve worked with in my life. I fully plunged into weeks 1 and 6 (my favorite) and dipped into the other weeks. In the process, I gained more clarity and drive to keep going.

4. It’s timeless.

The guidance in this book can be used over and over whenever you feel the need to address a specific part of your life, or go over the entire process. The life cleanse is designed to be flexible and adaptable.

5. It’s fun.

As Katie puts it, momentum is fueled by a light heart. Katie’s writing style and voice take you to the depth of soul searching and cleansing in a fun and entertaining way. As you navigate your way through the process, you will laugh; you will smile and you will open your heart and soul.

6. It’s personal.

This is your journey. Do what works for you and tailor the process to your needs. Do it at your own pace and in as much depth as you like. You can simply dip your toes or fully immerse yourself in the process.

This added flexibility eases you into change instead of creating stress with deadlines and rigid steps.

7. It’s peaceful.

You can’t get momentum in a frenzied life. You start from a calm place. Every step of the process is gentle on your body, heart and soul. Your days flow naturally, with ease as you slowly dig within and create space for stillness. You rediscover yourself… accept yourself… and love yourself.

This life cleanse is about opening up to change. Let your heart and soul guide you to a life worthy of you.

Use this guide or give it as a gift to someone who needs it. Have a look at Katie’s book and decide for yourself. If you are not sure, sign up for a free one-week Life Cleanse Starter Kit to get a feel for the program. I’m sure you will want more.

Be who you are. Accept and love who you are. Live your life on your terms with ease and momentum … follow your heart and nourish your soul.

P.S. Katie is a good friend but I am not an affiliate. I have no financial gain from recommending her work. I share it with you because I fully believe it’s something that will be of benefit to you in living a more peaceful and joyful life. If you are interested in getting the book, please click here.