18 Tips to Endure the Long Rainy Season


Living in the Northwest has its advantages. In general the weather is not too cold and the winters are tolerable.  The downside is:  it can rain non stop for days on end. The gray skies, lack of sunshine and short days usually drag me down. I feel scattered and have low energy levels. My mood changes and my motivation goes downhill.

The tips below are the things that I do to cope with the long rainy fall.  This list is not exhaustive but can be a starting point.

  1. Get enough sleep You don’t want to wake up feeling tired and cranky. If you are well rested, chances are you will have more energy and clarity. Get enough sleep but no more. Don’t oversleep; it will have the opposite effect.
  2. Take a vitamin D supplement. Sunshine is the main source of vitamin D but in rainy areas you will probably need a vitamin D supplement. It is essential for your health and will help your mood.
  3. Work Slowly. Do one thing at a time and give it the attention it needs. If you feel scattered, stop and take a break. Embrace your sluggishness and let it lead the way.
  4. Enjoy the rain. Watch it as it flows and cleanses the earth. Listen to the drops and how nature responds.  Rain can be purifying to the soul.  If you feel like getting wet, do it. Go outside and play in the rain. It is such fun.
  5. Have a hot chocolate. Or any hot beverage you enjoy. Sip slowly and savor the taste. Listen to the silence in between rain drops.
  6. Meditate. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Become one with your body. Feel each inhalation and exhalation. If nothing else, you will relax and get a boost of energy.
  7. Read a book or an article. Even better read aloud with a friend or a family member. It is fun and will keep you engaged.
  8. Cuddle up by the fireplace. If you have a fireplace, enjoy it. Look at the fire and be inspired by its warmth and light. Share the space with your family. Warmth multiplies when shared.
  9. Listen to music. Dance if you’re up to it. Music is a very powerful uplifting tool. Listen to the music you enjoy. If you are in a relaxed and calm state, listen to soft or classical music. If you have energy, crank it up and go for something upbeat. Sing and dance to your heart’s content.
  10. Take a nap. Napping will relax you and give you more energy. But just like sleep, don’t over do it.
  11. Watch a black and white movie. Nothing is more fitting for a rainy day than a classic, old movie.  Don’t ask me why. It’s just is.
  12. Play games. Play board games, video games,  or mind games if you want.  Just have fun with your family and friends.
  13. **Exercise. **Depending on your energy level, you can do cardio or lift weights. I personally prefer yoga and stretching. Any activity you do will help your body.
  14. Communicate. Have a conversation or write an email or a letter to someone you’ve been meaning to connect with. Alternatively, write in a journal about your feelings and experiences.  This can free your mind and lift your spirits.
  15. Start a hobby or work on yours. If you are doing something you enjoy, you will be fully immersed in it and won’t pay attention to the weather.
  16. De-clutter, organize or clean your home. A clean uncluttered space will give you some peace and calm. Cleaning as a  physical activity will get your blood flowing and raise your energy as well.
  17. Laugh. Or smile. If you can’t laugh at daily life situations, watch a sitcom or a movie.  You will feel  better.
  18. Count your blessings. Saving the best for last. Chances are if you are reading this, you have shelter; you can read; you have heat and electricity; you have food, and more importantly, you are alive. Gratitude is the best antidote for negative emotions. It connects you with everything good that is in you and around you. You are more blessed than you imagine.

Most of these actions can be taken to feel better any time. But I think they are more important when nature decides to keep us indoors and out of its way.

What do you do to cope with the weather, or when you’re not up to par?

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